Almost without warning, we disappear into the blackness of the Wawona tunnel, boring straight and true through the mountainside. ) This was the beginning of Swing becoming what we know today as Bal-Swing. And being taught by my cousin David how to climb that big rock along the road to Happy Isles - David showed me where the handy dandy handhold was that gave enough grip to get to the top. I heard about it, read about it, and when I finally decided that I was going to take the initiative to see the firefall on my own (when I was old enough to drive) they had been discontinued. And then from the top of Glacier Point at the Glacier Point Hotel, pushed burning redwood bark embers over the mountain towards Camp Curry, where it harmlessly burned itself out. One evening after supper I set out to find the trailhead, and it soon became obvious that someone had gone to a great deal of trouble to eradicate every trace of it as far as I could go up the talus slope. I was born in San Jose in 1955 and grew up camping in Yosemite on weekends in the spring and fall as well as on longer trips in the summer. Michael Leopold February 21, 2012 I am a native of Southern CA and spent two weeks every summer from 1958-1973 camping in Yosemite with my dad and brother. The Firefall was, at it s essence, a masterpiece of art. No more dump where you could go and watch the bears eat. Also remember there was no bear problems back then because all the bears went to the garbage dump that was in a remote corner of the valley totallydating in. We were quite successful in our endeavors totallydating in. Dave Prall I am so delighted to find this site and see a picture of the fireball. Jamie has four kids JC 16, Jack 14, Samantha 12, and Madison 10.

During the day all the kids would get on their little plastic rafts and grab onto the raft in front of them and form a train going down the crystal clear Merced river. we feel closer to God there than anywhere on earth. Granville Pool   I was born in 1958 and each year my father would take me camping in Yosemite and together we would watch the Firefall. I vote for the Fire Fall and song be brought back. We went to see my Cousins Jamie and Nadine, who go there every year. The feel of sun-toasted skin and the warmth and aroma of the night air is still fresh in my mind. In 2009 I interview Granville Pool––one of few remaining employees of the old Glacier Point Hotel that took part in the Firefall––to teach me how it was done. We always would swim in the river until we were purple. I just wish I could have taken my kids there to see the firefall. Even though it was a freshly built concrete fortress, the name (and the name of the neighboring hall, Tioga) was enough to make me daydream about visiting Yosemite again. The manager of the hotel at the time was Mr. Another memory was of how we would put on the gullibe tourist. We recently returned to Yosemite for a family reunion. I remember the next morning seeing the damage done by the bear.

It was the one and only time I remember seeing this incredible sight. I remember summer nights and the firefall as a young teenager and how awesome it was, but it had just never occurred to me that my kids hadn t seen that in their visits to Yosemite. One year my friend and I took my parents up to yosemite..
. But the environment protectors must know what s best. And the fire would fall, tumbling down the dark face of the cliff in majestic, glowing slow-motion. But at least they can say they were there. When I was 9, I spent the entire summer in the park. And smelling the cracks in the bark of the Jeffrey pines - they might smell like butterscotch, they might smell fruity. It sort of slowly faded until the last of the glowing embers reached their final destination. The highlight of the summer were the the 2-3 weeks we spent camping on the valley floor and taking hikes and day trips to the surrounding sites. Evelyn Sichi   I went to boarding school with Anne Adams, daughter of Ansel Adams. I remember swimming in the river and meeting friends each year whom we had met in earliers years. I am 62 now, I hope we can get out there before my time comes. .


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